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Tori Hein

Director of Marketing & StrategyĀ 

After reaching a point of burnout in 2020, Tori began a journeyĀ of healing from chronic stress and overworking that birthed a new passion within her to support Christian leaders with trauma-informed coachingĀ that led to theĀ creation of the Work from WorthĀ Mentorship program.

Ā Passionate about the work in Freedom Movement and itā€™s impact on her story, Tori came on staff in 2022. Ā SheĀ serves as a coach, trainer, and executive marketing director for Freedom Movement.

Tori has a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies through Calvary Chapel Bible College, is a certified life coach through Transformational Leadership Coaching International, and a graduate of Freedom Movement's Coaching Certification program.

Her and her husband, Matt, and two children, Micaiah and Amara, live in the Tennessee countryside just south of Nashville.