Tanya Godsey

Spiritual Formation Director

Tanya Godsey is an Ordained Minister, Artist, Spiritual Director and Founder of Redeeming The Story Retreats. As both a Minister and a creative conduit, Tanya shares stories and truth, whether spoken or musical, with the true heart of a shepherd. 

Her heart and gifts for the Gospel were birthed in the Immigrant Church she was raised in. As a Pastor's daughter in this formative environment she was immersed in life-on-life biblical expressions of the real Jesus and the real Gospel. This was a place where the hungry were fed, the lonely were placed in families, the homeless were given a home and the love of Jesus was more than just a Sunday school lesson; it was a lifestyle. 

Tanya feels especially called to create environments, opportunities and moments that call others to a deeper awareness of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit and believes it is God’s transforming presence that ultimately brings true life change.



Christian Spiritual Direction is the practice of listening for the voice and movement of God in someone's life. The basis for spiritual direction is that God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — is continually inviting us into intimate relationship and a deeper and more personal awareness of the Presence. While God is the true “Director,” spiritual direction helps us to notice His divine work in all of life. Richard Foster defines spiritual direction as “an interpersonal relationship in which we learn how to grow, live, and love in the spiritual life.”

Spiritual direction sessions are one hour per month between director and directee. During this time the director and directee discern through conversation where and how God is moving. Both parties have full confidence in the leadership of the Holy Spirit to bring these things to the surface.  Spiritual direction is not counseling, mentoring or discipling, it is active listening for the activity of God in any area the directee would like to discuss.

Sessions are one hour long and are scheduled individually. Spiritual direction is relationally centered and meant to be experienced over a quantity of quality time.  An ongoing, monthly rhythm is recommended.