Karrie Garcia

Founder and Executive Director

As a speaker, life coach, author, and CEO, Karrie Garcia inspires change in others by boldly sharing her journey to freedom. She is not afraid to wade through deep waters and wants to bring those who are hurting along, so they too can experience the freedom that leads to flourishing.

Karrie has been speaking formally since the age of 19 to audiences ranging from church small groups to crowds of thousands. People are drawn to Karrie by her charisma, humor, and ability to share God’s word in ways that reach everyone from the non-believer to the Bible scholar. However, it’s Karrie’s authentic, raw, and fearless approach to addressing challenging, and sometimes uncomfortable, topics that truly makes those who hear from her feel known, loved, and accepted. 

Karrie will be the first to tell you she’s not perfect. A pastor’s daughter from a family living in fear of sharing their struggles with the world, Karrie turned to unhealthy, and often damaging, methods of coping in her adolescent and young adult years. Karrie has navigated dark places—including drug addiction, the suicide of her mother, and the breakdown of her first marriage—and emerged victorious through the freedom she found in the grace, mercy, and healing that can only come from Jesus Christ. This is the truth that continues to transform her life, and now Karrie is on a mission to redefine freedom for others through Freedom Movement.

A licensed life coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF), Karrie is a natural at creating space for others and has been been involved in coaching and counseling, whether professionally or informally, for nearly 25 years. She also authored The Exchange, a nine-week journey through which she guides individuals and groups from hurting to hope with readings, videos and reflections in an interactive workbook format. Karrie is currently working toward her Training Certificate Level I at The Allender Center, a program that addresses trauma-focused narrative therapy taught by leading Christian psychologist, Dr. Dan Allender. Karrie has been a certified health and wellness coach for more than a decade, using her training in the area of psychology to help others connect their minds with their bodies for a holistic approach to overall wellness.


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