Juliana Hilmerson

Director of Finance and Operations 

Since the start of Freedom Movement in 2014, Juliana has been integral to making the organization what it is today. Whether behind the scenes or working directly with venues and partners, she has always ensured Freedom Movement runs seamlessly. Juliana started as a volunteer for Karrie—and what ultimately would become Freedom Movement—after she heard Karrie speak for the first time. Instantly captivated by her story of transformation, she knew others needed to hear it as well, and immediately began to assist in planning the first ever Freedom Movement-branded event. She even offered to host this small gathering in her own backyard in order to make those unfamiliar with or hurt by the church feel safe and welcome.

Juliana embraced Karrie’s story and the mission of Freedom Movement because of their incredible ability to include and nurture individuals who have felt excluded or disqualified from the church. As a lifelong churchgoer and ministry worker with no significant rebellion to speak of, she was moved by the realization that the same power which brought about redemption and healing in Karrie’s life is afforded to all through Jesus. Understanding that helped Juliana to see how even those who have not experienced deep trauma still need God’s saving love and can contribute to furthering His kingdom in meaningful ways. The idea that Freedom Movement could bring together anyone and everyone—young and old, rich and poor, messy and put together—struck a chord with Juliana.

After that first backyard event, Juliana’s role within Freedom Movement quickly evolved to encompass all of the organization’s operations. She went from serving as head event planner and coordinator, to church liaison, to executive team member in just a couple of years. Freedom Movement was simultaneously growing at a rapid pace as Juliana’s role shifted. Under her guidance, the organization’s programs grew from small gatherings, to a handful of local speaking series, to a full-scale, nationwide, multi-stop tour supported by workshops, courses and coaching back at Freedom Movement’s headquarters. Juliana was also key to formalizing Freedom Movement as a 501(c)(3) organization and, today, leads the organization’s fundraising efforts. Juliana’s current role as Executive Director of Freedom Movement uniquely combines the skills that she developed through a variety of jobs over the years, including wedding florist, event planner and church planter. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in intercultural studies