Freedom Academy is a 3-day immersive training to help you unlock your God-given purpose, transform your conversations, and walk in freedom through story work and biblical truth.


April 11-13, 2024 in Lake Zurich, IL


To walk in freedom you have to understand the healing power of your story, but there’s a problem…

  • You’re constantly chasing external fulfillment but not being satisfied internally. 

  • You’re tired of the negative self-talk in your mind.

  • You minimize your story and think it’s irrelevant to your purpose.

  • You’re surviving not thriving, but you want to feel fully alive. 

  • You feel distant from God and believe you have to change your behaviors to be loved by Him.

This Sounds Like Me
Freedom Movement equips people to transform their conversations in their churches and communities by being Trauma-Informed, Spirit-Filled, and Biblically Sound.
Meet Your Lead Instructor,

Karrie Garcia

Growing up, the hurt and pain in my family’s story was hidden behind Bible memory verses, church services, and performance. I watched my mom serve the church as my dad pastored on Sunday only to come home and hide her pain with an eating disorder through the week. After a lifetime of concealing and dismissing the hurt in her story, my mom took her own life.

The anger and fear I felt as a witness to this left me feeling hopeless. Just like my mom, this led me down a pathway of various addictions to fill the void in my heart. In the aftermath of drug addiction, a failed marriage, and broken ministry, I considered ending my own life, too. 

God met me in my brokenness with one question, “What would it look like to be honest?” 

This question was the catalyst to a lifelong pursuit of true freedom in my story and has defined my work as a pastor, coach, author, and speaker for the last 28 years. 

To see true change in the world around us, we need more than behavior modification. We need heart transformation!

Jeff Myers

For most of my 28 years of marriage, I communicated with my wife on a very surface level. A few months after implementing these communication skills, I heard her tell a friend they saved our marriage. This shocked me because I didn’t even know it needed saving. I think like many guys, I just didn’t know how to connect on a heart level.

As a coach, I love helping people discover wholeness, and freedom. This way we can show up in life as our best selves, offering all we are to a world that desperately needs people who can be present with others.

Jeff currently works as an Executive Coach at Ramsey Solutions and as a life & leadership coach. Jeff, his wife Lisa and their two youngest daughters live in the Nashville, TN area, but love visiting their three adult children, including their new daughter-in-law, on the central coast of California.



Connection with Self 

  • Learn how to identify your story through our Story Work Framework so you can unlock and start embracing your unique purpose. 
  • Discuss topics such as denial and shame in your story so that you’re no longer stuck in the continuous cycle of self-sabotage. 
  • Learn how to listen and invite God into these places though honesty and transparency so you can begin walking in the abundant life God has for you.
  • Break down misconceptions about God, self, and others so you can begin to develop relationships that bring immense trust. 


Connection with God

  • Learn how to ask powerful questions that will help you and those around you step into your unique callings.
  • Gain an emotional language that allows for deeper connection with others and God. 
  • Hands-on coaching and training in a personal and intimate setting that will help you gain confidence to work through your story and move forward. 
  • Learn how to identify relational needs in yourself and others so that you can begin to know EXACTLY what you want in life.
  • Learn to listen and trust the Holy Spirit to heal so you can release the burden to fix others.


Connection with Others

  • Learn how to restore and repair relationships so that you can build a trusting and safe community and kingdom. 
  • Experience a profound mind shift as you learn to see God’s goodness in your story so you can begin to completely heal and experience TRUE freedom. 
  • Learn the how-tos and whys of setting healthy boundaries so you can thrive in your time, talents, and relationships.
  • Leave with all the tools needed so you can lead with love and confidence and make a MASSIVE impact on the world. 


Free People, Free People!
Are You Ready?
  • Three days of teaching, training and one-on-one coaching.
  • Training materials and workbooks with customized Freedom Academy + Story work exercises
  • A copy of Karrie's latest book, Free & Fully Alive
  • Coffee, snacks, drinks & lunch all three days