Jeff Myers

Trainer and Storywork Facilitator


Jeff Myers has been in church ministry his entire adult life. He loves equipping people to be all God designed it to be as an instrument of hope and healing in the world. This became his passion after experiencing an “emotional awakening” in his early 40’s after living most of his life trying to ignore, hide, and stuff down his feelings.

He thought he would gain advice on leadership and business skills. What he got was a deep dive into his own story. He engaged his childhood, his insecurities, and fears. This coaching gave him the tools save his marriage, which he didn’t even know needed saving, and improve his parenting. Helping others discover a better life is why he got into coaching.

As a pastor and coach, Jeff loves helping people discover wholeness, and freedom. His passion is helping others show up in life as our best selves, offering all we are to a world that desperately needs people who can be present with others.

Jeff currently works full time as an executive coach at Ramsey Solutions but assists Karrie in training for Freedom Movement trainings. Jeff currently lives in Franklin, TN with his wife Lisa and two of his five children.